Arrival/Dismissal Procedures

Our main priority is the safety of students and staff. All rules and procedures are designed with this goal in mind, so please help us keep everyone safe, happy, and ready to learn by using patience and consistency during arrival and dismissal.

Information for Car Riders

All families that drive to school are expected to use the drop-off/pick-up zone and procedures for arrival and dismissal. Each family will be given two student identification tags corresponding to your child’s backpack tag. Should a tag become lost throughout the school year, you must contact your child’s teacher to request a replacement. This tag must be placed on the rearview mirror during drop-off and pick-up in the car line.

Car Rider Drop-Off /Pick-Up Guidelines

When dropping off or picking up students, please follow the traffic flow on the map below and all instructions of EC staff.  Parents are responsible for opening car doors, unbuckling and buckling their children, helping them out of the vehicle, and assisting them with their backpacks and masks before releasing the child to a staff member to be escorted to the main entrance.

You may only enter the parking lot heading west on Carlisle Road to ensure a right turn into the parking lot. Please exit the parking lot by veering right on Danforth to avoid traffic congestion on Carlisle Road. As shown on the map, you will be directed to fill in the loading zone, staging lane A, and staging lane B,  when arriving for drop off and pick up. All cars will be instructed when to move by an EC staff member during the designated arrival and dismissal times. Do not pull around any waiting cars for the safety of all students and staff members.

Have your student identification tag attached to the rearview mirror and visible to all staff members.  If you do not have your student identification tag upon dismissal, you will be asked to park your car and show identification at the main office before your student is dismissed.

For the safety of all, students can only enter or exit the car from the passenger side in the designated drop-off zone. Parents are responsible for unbuckling and buckling their children and should wait for a staff member to meet the child at the car and open the door. Cars do not have to be turned off but must be parked when students enter or exit a vehicle.

Please view the following video to help you understand Early Childhood Center procedures for student arrival and dismissal by car.

Drop Off/Pick up Times

  • Drop off time is 8:55-9:05 a.m. for morning classes and 12:35- 12:45 p.m. for afternoon classes. If you arrive after the drop-off times, please park your car in the lot and walk your child into the building through the main office to sign them in tardy. Any car that parks in the lot must be parked in a designated and lined parking space.
  • Pick up time is 11:25-11:35 a.m. for the morning classes and 3:05-3:15 for the afternoon class.  

Per Illinois Law (625 ILCS 5/12-601.1), “A person, regardless of age, may not use a wireless telephone at any time while operating a motor vehicle on a roadway in a school speed zone.”

Guidelines for Parents in Walking Distance to School

Stay on designated sidewalks and hold your child’s hand when crossing the street or parking lot. Follow EC staff directions as you will be crossing the car rider line. All students will enter and exit the building through the main AGS door with EC staff.

Upon arrival, the staff will meet students at the main door and escort them to their classrooms.

Upon dismissal, parent/guardian must present their student identification tag to a staff member for the student to be dismissed.  You will be asked to go to the main AGS office with your license if you do not have your identification tag.